With Payroll by Credit Card, business owners finally have the opportunity to earn credit card rewards on one of their largest expenses, payroll.  Imagine how your travel could change if your point collection doubled or tripled this year.



Maximize Reward Earning
Earn reward points by charging your payroll and earn more points than ever before.

Cash Availability for Company
How would your cash flow improve if you could float a month’s worth of payroll for up to 60-days? Could you save on other borrowing costs?

Earn Rewards Faster
Payroll is a predictable expense that follows a pattern. Earned rewards can be used according to your plans.

Additional Savings Available
The points experts at Payroll by Credit Card are available to consult on the best use of your reward points.


How Payroll by Credit Card Works

pbcc_number1Payroll by Credit Card makes a transaction to your credit card prior to each payroll cycle.


Each card transaction is processed by the credit card company and funds provided to your company’s payroll provider.


Your payroll continues to be paid as usual and you earn more reward points than ever.


You can also learn more about our services by downloading the Payroll by Credit Brochure, or visiting out Frequently Asked Questions page.

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