How can I get the best value for my points?

Using Rewards Points earned from your credit card can be confusing for some people. Our business was built around the idea that earning points should be a rewarding experience and people should feel they are getting good value for their rewards. Using Reward Points for travel and purchasing flights can usually gets you the biggest bang for your points but it sometimes requires a little research to get the best deals.

Our clients receive ongoing recommendations of on how to best use points and also plenty of ways to rack them up.

Paying Payroll with Credit Card = Tons of Points!credit card in human hand in the shop

By transacting one of your largest company expenses on your credit card you may be in for a windfall of rewards. We assist our clients to design a plan that will best utilize their rewards. Often this involves researching dream vacations or finding unique ways to recognize employees for a job well done.

A Trusted Partner

All of the Payroll by Credit Card staff are familiar with using points for booking flights but the opportunity to save money each time is always changing. Business owners are typically very busy people and tend to delegate tasks to experts. We have a similar view and that’s why we often recommend utilizing a travel agents skills if you are unfamiliar with using points. We work closely with Boulevard Travel and advise our clients to consider their services if they require some guidance booking travel. Blvd Travel has the expert experience to book all of your travel needs and utilize your rewards when it makes sense.

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