It’s all about the seat.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the most suitable seat for you on a plane can make a world of difference for your travels. For most travelers, the process of picking a seat is left in the hands of the airline. Many airlines allow you to book and pay for your flight then surprise!… it’ll cost you extra to get the seat you prefer. This isn’t always true, so if you do have the opportunity to choose your own seat at the time of booking then choose wisely.

Plane wingWhy not the Window? – The window seat can be great if you are more inclined to an undisturbed flight or like having the option to lean against the wall for a nap. You also get to enjoy the view.

“Aisle” take that one. – You might consider an aisle seat if you like having a bit of extra leg and elbow room. The aisle can have a few downsides like possible interruptions from others in your row visiting the facilities or the regular traffic up and down the aisle. On the other hand, if you’re a frequent washroom user you might prefer the speedy exit of an aisle seat.

tight seatJust a little extra room, please. – The seats following First Class section often provide just a little extra space because of the lack of seats in front of it. It can be awesome for those that could benefit from a little extra leg room or those travelling with a baby.

Emergency Door Row – The seats in this row have a prerequisite… it requires that you’re comfortable with operating the emergency door in the event of an accident. Considering an accident is very unlikely, this row can be a real treasure. These seats often provide some of the best leg room for passengers in coach. A possible downside of this row is that it’s likely the noisiest section of the plane because it’s closest to the engines.

Back of the bus – The back of the plane has a couple great benefits for travelers with children. If your child might sleep on a flight, the back of most planes can be relatively quiet. The trip to the washrooms for the little tykes is much quicker too.

First Class, all the way! – We have all dreamed of that last minute upgrade into First Class but unfortunately we can’t really count on it. If you can afford upgrading to sections like Business or First Class you’ll find there’s lot’s of room, you’re likely pretty close to the exclusive washroom and it’s always nice to be one of the first on and off the plane.

No matter where you end up seated on your next flight, try to remember that travel is stressful for almost everyone. A little courtesy goes a long way to make travelling easier for all of us. Enjoy your seat!

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