Easy as 1…2…3

1) Set up your payroll service.

For Payroll by Credit Card to work for you we require companies to use a payroll service. If you currently don’t use a payroll service they are worth looking into for various reasons. If you would like to investigate this type of service we can recommend a few options that will fit your company requirements.

2) Contact Payroll by Credit Card.

We would be happy to explain our overall value and answer any questions you might have. We currently only transact with American Express Credit Cards because they get you the most value. If you don’t already have an American Express card for your business, it would be our pleasure to connect you with a representative.

Already have the card? Then just complete the application form, and you’re on your way.

3) Let the points roll in.

We work with your payroll service provider to establish a regular schedule. With your company payroll now flowing through your business American Express card, you will start accumulating points. And that’s when the fun starts!


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