Getting through Airport Security with ease

iStock_000050832090_LargeIt may not be everyone’s favorite part of travel but airport security is unavoidable so we may as well figure out ways to make it easier. The following suggestions will help you breeze through security.

Pack your Luggage like a Pro

Lots of travelers are attempting to manage with only a carry-on bag for their travels. If you are one of these people please consider what might happen if security chooses to search your bag. Always pack your carry-on in an organized way that will allow for easy accessibility if searched. Also remember that any liquids must to be bottles that are no greater than 100 ml and stored in a ziploc bag. It’s often a good idea to read up on the security protocols of each country you are visiting so you don’t run into any surprises.

Please have your ID ready

Airport security has the huge responsibility to make sure our travels are safe.  Somewhere in the security line process you will be asked to show your photo ID and boarding pass. Security usually moves along at a steady pace so it’s really helpful to have these items available. Frequent travelers often choose to purchase a passport holder to keep their travel documents in a safe place.

Prepare to be ScannedPassengers going through airport security check

There is a lot going on when you go through airport security. Travelers are screened by metal detectors and can even be subject to a random search for explosives. Some airports also have methods to X-ray passengers quickly and safely. In order to move swiftly through this process it just takes a little preparation. Start by removing your belt and absolutely any items you have in your pockets. Almost all airports require your shoes to be removed and put through the baggage scanner. Remember to take any necessary items out of your carry-on. Usually this only requires removing your laptop and any liquids that you have safely stored in a ziploc.

Enjoy your Trip

Before leaving security take a couple minutes to put yourself back together and ensure that you have collected all of your belongings. You can put your ID and boarding pass away and head to your departure gate. Enjoy your trip!

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