Could You Use Some Travel Advice?

Have you ever returned from a vacation or business trip and wondered if you could have saved some money or upgraded your travel experience? Consulting an expert can make a world of difference so why not seek an expert’s advice on travel. Of course you can always purchase a travel guide or watch lots of travel TV but that information may end up being outdated or unrelated to your needs.

There are hundreds of travel related bloggers that specialize in a variety of travel concerns and almost all of them want you to find the deals. These websites specialize in reviewing current information regarding everything from saving on flight purchases, using reward credit cards or booking that once in a lifetime vacation. Consider investigating what these bloggers have already researched for you. The information they share will likely end up saving you time and money on your next excursion.

The Points Guy

As the name suggests… if your are looking for advice on collecting and using credit card rewards this is your best place to start. The Points Guy stays current on awesome flight deals, hotel upgrades and changes to all sorts of rewards programs. The website has excellent advice for beginners and several tools to help you ensure you’re getting decent value for your point redemption’s.

Frugal Travel Guy

Here’s another ‘guy” who is ready to enlighten readers to all of the ways they can find travel deals. The Rookie Guide  at Frugal Travel provides tons of awesome info on collecting bonus reward points with credit cards and how to best spend rewards. Check out the Set Your Goals article and start planning for that next big holiday.

We especially like the cool rewards tracking program called Wallet that Frugal Travel Guy offers for free. It allows you to track all of your point generating cards and notifies you of special bonuses that may be of interest.


At first view FlyerTalk does seem more like a news-feed of everything travel but once you dig deeper there are fantastic detailed discussions on every possible travel topic including how to choose a hotel, the best airlines to use, loyalty programs worth participating in and a plethora of other subjects.

We really like the TravelBuzz thread for the many traveler tested tips. Check it out when you get a chance.

Lonely Planet

This site may sound familiar due to the fact that Lonely Planet has been producing Destination Guides for years. Lonely Planet has been a valued source for travelers and their website won’t disappoint.

Lonely Planet has made their website visually appealing and break things down into easy to use categories. They also promote many travel ideas that people might not immediately consider on their own. If you have kids that have the travel bug make sure you check out LP Kids with them and enjoy plenty of interesting travel related activities.

Other Mentions…

Rewards Canada – For Canadians who use points for travel this site should be bookmarked in your Favorites. Check out the Bonus Mile & Points Offers… Rewards Canada has a great breakdown of the various credit card offers and provides excellent details of why you might find them attractive.

Travel is Free – There are tons of bloggers out there proving how the point system really works if you’re willing to put in the time & effort to try. We like Drew & Carrie because of their sense of adventure plus they share lots of resources that are extremely valuable to credit card rewards users.

Finding a good deal and creating the best travel experience is the primary goal of most travel bloggers. We hope that you’ll take some time to check out our favorites or find a few of your own.

Here’s to you finding the best price and traveling even more!

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