Payroll by Credit Card (PBCC) was founded by John MacInnes, a serial entrepreneur who charges a substantial amount of his business expenses on his credit card in order to earn reward points.

John and his friends recognized that using points could be over-whelming or confusing. Devising a service around sharing ideas of how to best use points and finding ways to earn more resulted in the formation of a great business.

One of the expenses John originally could not charge was payroll. Through the strength of his entrepreneurial spirit, he discovered a way to make it possible. He then started Payroll By Credit Card to help business owners earn points from their payroll expense and provides consultation to clients with recommendations to get best value from credit card rewards.

Learn more about the Payroll by Credit Card Team
CEO John MacInnes
President Scott McArthur
VP Operations Jeff Young

The company is growing quickly in Canada and expanding into the US marketplace.


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