6 Fun Ways to Use Reward Points

Do you collect credit card reward points? What benefit are you getting from them?

If you are like most people you utilize your credit card and collect as many points as you can then finally use them all up for one flight. Sometimes it can even be challenging to collect enough in a year to pay for one flight. Ugh! What if there were a way to collect a whole lot more?

Many business owners make an effort to put company expenses on their credit card which has the added benefit of providing them with extra reward points. One of the biggest expenses a company has is payroll and until recently it was impossible to process it on a credit card. Payroll by Credit Card (PBCC) provides a way to make it happen and now over 100 Million points have been collected by business owners all over North America using the service.  

What ended up happening with the rewards is even more incredible. Soon after PBCC opened its’ doors for business there were a few clients who had earned over a million points. We began hearing some amazing stories of how our customers were using their points.

Many clients of PBCC soon discovered there were several unique ways they could use their rewards with American Express Travel, Aeroplan, Delta and many other options. Read on… maybe a few of these would be worth trying yourself.

1. Why be Ordinary?

Using Rewards for travel can often provide excellent savings especially for vacation travel. When most families are choosing a location for their holidays they probably don’t consider Ireland or Iceland at the top of their list. When one of PBCC’s clients managed to collect well over a million reward miles it encouraged them to evaluate the options for their next family vacation. Instead of searching for a sunny holiday in Mexico or the typical Disney World vacation we learned that this particular client chose… Iceland. Using their points to purchase the flights provided excellent savings but also got this family to a location they may not have considered if they were spending hard-earned cash.  Their two pre-teen boys had an absolute blast and along the way learned lots about a country. Not long after this trip they were off to Ireland for a similar experience. Earning credit card rewards can open up exciting new options for travel.

2. Surprise the Family.

Families have a tough time staying in touch. Kids go off to University or move to other cities or life simply gets in the way of spending time together. Armed with a ton of points, one PBCC client took matter’s into their own hands. As a surprise, he booked a flight home for his nephew and had the boys mom pick him up at the airport thinking she was there for someone else. The look on her face was worth every point spent.  Check it out.

3. Who wants to Travel the World?

Many PBCC clients create big goals when they begin collecting rewards with us. One particular client set his sights on saving enough rewards to take his family on a trip around the world. Recently, he booked this adventure and with the help of his wife they planned an exciting adventure. They decided to take their two young boys out of school for most of the year and off they went. Being able to plan this amazing trip and make it happen with their sons was a dream come true. We are eagerly looking forward to hearing how things went when they get home.

4. Save Money while Improving

Most business owners see the value in self-improvement and the betterment of their employees. Making an effort every year to get to conferences or other learning opportunities ends up costing lots of money. What if there were a way to plan for these trips and save up points to allow business owners (and their team) to participate in the training they feel is necessary? Many PBCC customers see great value in paying for these trips with reward points and keeping other business related travel expenses under control.

5. You Deserve a Break

Business owners understand the importance of taking a break every once and awhile to recharge themselves and return to work feeling invigorated. We’ve heard numerous stories from our clients about the trips they have been able to take using reward points. A surprising result of having additional rewards available was that PBCC clients often used them to upgrade their flights to First Class. Participating in the Aeroplan Distinction program makes it easy to get premium seating on flights and save up to 35% while you’re at it.

6. Make a Difference

What if a few of your rewards points could help someone else through a tough time or make a miracle happen? There are lots of organizations that accept reward points and can make use of them.  Give-a-Mile is an example of an organization that is doing something pretty special with reward points. They aim to provide flights to those in need of visiting loved ones in palliative or critical condition. Donating Loyalty Points is a quick and easy way to help Give-a-Mile achieve their goals. 100% of your donations go to flights of compassion. This past holiday season Give-a-Mile managed to provide more than 30 Flights of .

Payroll by Credit Card is helping to make it possible for business owners to travel differently and to more locations than ever before. From the simple idea of collecting points on a companies largest expense we are seeing owners taking advantage of their rewards in very unique ways.

If you are a business owner and enjoy traveling on points consider checking out Payroll by Credit Card


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