10 Awesome Travel Accessories Worth Having on your Next Trip

There are so many awesome travel accessories, tools and devices that can make your next trip even better. Okay, they may not be life-changing or absolutely necessary but at least one of these needs to go on your next trip.

1. Charge Me Up

Bringing chargers and cables for all your devices on a trip is becoming nearly impossible, plus it never fails that a charger eventually gets left behind. The standard plug-in-the-wall types are still available and come with a variety of device ports but the really cool innovation has been portable chargers. These devices store a charge and allow for several different devices to be recharged at the same time. These are a fantastic choice if you do a lot of business travel or need to recharge devices on the go.

2. Does This Bag Make Me Look Fat?

Honestly, how many times have you been in a hotel trying to guess if you are going to exceed the luggage weight limit? A simple gadget like a luggage scale can save you the embarrassment of repacking at the airline check-in desk.

3. Put Your Name On It

No one plans to lose their luggage but these things happen. Prepare for the worst case scenario and make sure each of your bags has an information tag that is easily visible and has your correct contact info on it including your cell number. The real trick is finding tags that can stand up to the wear and tear of travel.

4. Protect My Precious Phone

Your phone probably plays an important role on all of your trips. So it makes sense to have a good case that can protect it. Cases have become very durable and can protect that precious phone of yours from bumps, drops or even dunks.

5. Packing Made Easy

Travel bags can help to keep your shoes separate and protect your clothing. There are even great bags that are good for packing dirty clothing so you can keep it separate from the clean stuff in your luggage.

6. A Girl Needs Her Shampoo

Bringing full bottles of shampoo, conditioner or lotion on a trip is a pain. Considering the number of times people have discovered an exploded shampoo bottle in their luggage it’s worth getting these before your next trip. Many of the travel bottles available are super durable and leak proof.

7. Getting Your Priorities Straight

This could be the greatest travel invention since the airplane. The VinniBag is a super durable airbag for your fragile items. It has chambers that are filled with air to conform around breakable items and protects them for their trip. Beyond protecting your hooch you can use these handy bags for packing cameras, phones, sunglasses or even cookies! Mmm… cookies.

8. Ahhh, quiet.

Having a good pair of noise-cancelling ear buds or headphones can make a long flight a lot more pleasurable. For most airplane travelers, it’s quite a relief to drown out the constant drone of an airplane engine with noise-cancelling devices. Don’t expect these to completely block out all sound but in most cases the more you spend the better these are.

9. Honey, Where is the corkscrew?

First up… never pack your Swiss Army knife in your carry-on. Got it? Good.
If you are going to purchase one tool for your travels it should be a good Swiss Army knife. A multi-functional tool can come in handy when you are away on vacation or business travel. Consider the uses you might require and get the one that suits your needs.

10. Holidays are for Reading

This might not be the accessory for everyone but for those of you who like to relax by the pool and slam through a few novels on your holiday you’re going to want one of these. E-readers are a cool device that allows you to load several books and read them from one screen much like an over-sized smartphone. So now you can leave all those novels at home and enjoy any of your downloaded books.

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